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Technical Document Translation Services

If you produce technical documents only in English, then you are leaving out a large portion of your potential audience. The Spanish-speaking community is one of the fastest growing in the United States. By translating your technical documents into Spanish, your audience increases and the value of your technical information increases exponentially. Another benefit is that the Spanish version of your technical documents can be used by international readers. That’s why you need a translation service.

The Problem

Translating technical documents accurately is time consuming and tedious. Translating technical documents with translation software is not enough to make them reader friendly. Many times, the document’s meaning is lost when using only the translation software without a professionally trained editor on-site to moderate between the several meanings available.

Translation software will not properly translate industry standard technical terms without your intervention. Can you imagine your Spanish audience being offended when reading your technical documents because the translation was faulty? How would you handle all the complaints or damage to your reputation as an author?

The Solution

To maintain consistent translations of your technical documents, it is best to use a technical document translation service. Opio Media Services specializes in translating technical documents from English to Spanish. Opio Media Services is your one-stop translation service provider for the following services:

  • Technical document translation from English to Spanish,
  • Technical document layout and design,
  • Desktop publishing,
  • Spanish content development,
  • Spanish multimedia development for the web, and a
  • Voice-over recording studio.

To receive an accurate and binding quote, send your original document(s) by fax, regular mail, overnight courier, or electronic mail. Call our office number at 210-264-9079. Our address is:

801 Thomas Rd.
Poteet, TX 78065

Our e-mail address is Opio Media Services will provide you with a signed non-disclosure agreement upon receipt.

A professional consultant will contact you after evaluating your technical document(s). You will need to provide the Spanish dialect of your audience, and the standard or rush priority level for your translation project. We do the rest. Our trained professional consultant will provide you with an accurate estimate of the time it will take to do the translation job.


Opio Media Services operates on a first-in first-out basis. We offer two priority levels at a fraction of the cost of other competitors. The price of your translation project is based on the priority level you choose.

Standard Priority provides a five to seven business day turnaround time for a 10 to 20 page document. This includes proofing by our top-notch quality assurance process.

Rush Priority can be done in a minimum of three days for the same 10 to 20 page document. This includes proofing by our top-notch quality assurance process.

A normal page is approximately 200 to 250 words per page. A word is considered five characters. Our typical rate is $.20 per word for technical texts with a one-time minimal set up charge of $35 per customer. Volume discounts are based on texts of 10,000 words or more or repeat business. Please contact us for more information. We will get back to as soon as possible.

Layout and Design

We design document layouts for brochures, presentations, and document templates to augment your business’ identity.

Desktop publishing

Our desktop publishing service incorporates graphics, document support, and layout and design and delivers printed material for your project on-time.

Spanish Content Development

We can deliver Spanish content in any format you need, whether online or in print. Just give us the details and we develop the content.

Spanish multimedia development for the web

Do you need snazzy presentations in HTML, PowerPoint, or Flash? We can handle your needs with our multimedia services.

Voice-over recording studio

Let your content talk to your audience by recording sound bytes. Our recording studio is setup for broadcast quality recordings.

Online help systems development

Do you have software or hardware that needs setup and operational procedures? Maybe you need a complete help system? Our help system development service develops useful and efficient content geared for several audiences.

The OMTC Mission

OMTC’s goal is to provide valuable consulting services in Project Management, Requirements Elicitation and Management, Printed and Online Documentation, Spanish Translation and Support Services to the local and global community while increasing our market share the longer we stay in business. The following is OMTC’s contact information:

OMTC Contact Information


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E-mail Address

801 Thomas Rd
Poteet, Texas 78065


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