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OPIO Recording Studios and Latin Music Promotions is an independent label for promoting local to international acts. OPIO recording studios was established in 2002 by Victor Opio an international recording artist with over 33 years of writing and composing songs, commercials, and jingles. He has recorded over twenty successful CDs since 2002.

Mr. Opio is an active member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) as well as a senior member of the Society for Technical Communication.

Voice-over recording studio

OPIO recording studio supports OMTC by providing voice-over recordings and other audio products. Let your content talk to your audience by recording sound bytes. Our recording studio is setup for broadcast quality recordings.

The OPIO Recording Studios Mission

OPIO recording studios' goal is to provide quality recording products for public consumption, constantly improve those products through the use of emerging technologies and methods, innovation, and listening to our customers.


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OPIO Recording Studios


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